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Watch: Assistant Editor in conversation with comrades in the left media arena


In an era of growing corporate control over “the news” (from TV to social media platforms), the role played by independent, alternative, and left media is more precious than ever. Yet the corporate-dominated media landscape, compounded by the Covid19 crisis, creates new barriers and challenges for left and independent media alike. How are independent and alternative media adapting and struggling in the current environment? What remains so valuable about these publications? How are independent media able to speak to issues where the “mainstream” media has proven an utter failure? What threats to independent media are now on the horizon? And what can be done to help extend the reach and amplify the impact of these important progressive sources for news and analysis?

Shelter & Solidarity recently invited the Assistant Editor of Monthly Review to join in conversation with other experienced editors and leading contributors from a range of progressive, socialist, and labor publications, including Kurt Stand (Portside), Joe Maniscalco (Labor Press), and Jason Pramas (DigBoston and the Boston Institute for Independent Journalism). You can watch them talk about how to build the progressive media movement, here:

Commentary, Monthly Review Press
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