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Bush versus Chavez: Washington’s War on Venezuela


Paperback, 160 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1-58367-165-8
Released: November 2007

President Hugo Chávez openly defies the ruling class in the United States, daring to push forward new productive relationships, to advance social reform that provides access to health care and education, to remove Venezuela from the economic orbit dominated by the United States, to diversify its production to meet human needs and promote human development, and to forge an economic coalition between Latin American countries.

But as Bush Versus Chávez reveals, Venezuela’s revolutionary process has drawn more than simply the ire of Washington. It has precipitated an ongoing campaign to contain and cripple the democratically elected government of Latin America’s leading oil power. Bush Versus Chávez details how millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars are used to fund groupssuch as the National Endowment for Democracy, the United States Agency for International Development, and the Office for Transitionwith the express purpose to support counter-revolutionary groups in Venezuela. It describes how Washington is attempting to impose endless sanctions, justified by fabricated evidence, to cause economic distress. And it illuminates the build-up of U.S. military troops, operations, and exercises in the Caribbean, that specifically threaten the Venezuelan people and government. Bush Versus Chávez exposes the imperialist machinations of Washington as it tries to subvert a socialist revolution for the twenty-first century.

An essential read for understanding the conflict between the United States and Venezuela.

— Noam Chomsky

The advances towards popular democracy, socialism, and regional integration in Latin America in the past decade have been impressive and encouraging. Golinger’s work reminds us that every inch of the political terrain is constantly contested by a powerful, resourceful and pitiless empire.

New Socialist

Eva Golinger lives in Caracas, Venezuela. She is the author of The Chávez Code: Cracking U.S. Intervention in Venezuela (Olive Branch Press, 2006).

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Topics: Imperialism Places: Latin America

Publication Date: November 2007

Number of Pages: 160

Paperback ISBN: 9781583671658