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Capital Crimes


Paperback, 360 pages
ISBN: 0-85345-892-8
Released: January 1999

Crime tops the newspaper headlines, leads the evening news, and is a focus of every election. But what causes crime? Is there a more rational way to address the problem other than the law-and-order crusades crafted by politicians and their consultants to win campaigns?

In this fact-filled, sweeping treatment, George Winslow takes on every aspect of crime, from the streets to the suites. Unlike conventional accounts, Capital Crimes places the issue in the context of the global economy—from the Burmese heroin trade to homicide in our cities, from capital flight to corporate money-laundering schemes. Winslow reveals how the occurrence, extent, and type of crime committed, as well as society’s response to the problem, are largely shaped by economic elites.

Based upon extensive research and interviews, Capital Crimes presents a comprehensive alternative to a lock ’em up approach that has produced a gargantuan prison-industrial complex without coming to terms with the current system of global production and finance that make crime so appealing and lucrative.

Capital Crimes cuts through reams of propaganda and superstition to lay out a complete schematic of what crime is, where it comes from, and what it leads to. Winslow traces connections worthy of Balzac, between high and low, boardrooms and back alleys. No received idea emerges intact from this encyclopedic, tenacious, and lucid book, and no one should be permitted to run for office without having read it.

— Luc Sante, author of Low Life

George Winslow has written a powerful and informative study of the system that calls itself ‘criminal justice’ by documenting the racial and economic injustice which permeates that system. This is an important book.

— Michael Tigar, Washington College of Law, American University

George Winslow a journalist living in New York City, is the editor of World Screen News, TV Europe, and TV Latina. He has written for publications ranging from The New York Times Book Review to The Columbia Encyclopedia.

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Topics: Philosophy Places: Global

Publication Date: May 1999

Number of Pages: 400

Paperback ISBN: 9781583670019