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The Communist Manifesto: 150th Anniversary Edition


First published in London in 1848, The Communist Manifesto is one of the most important books of all time: a document which helped to define the emerging socialist movement, altered the course of world history, and is universally acknowledged to be a cornerstone of modern social thought.

This definitive edition of the Communist Manifesto includes:

  • A Foreword by Marxist scholar Paul M. Sweezy, editor of Monthly Review
  • The full text of The Communist Manifesto in a distinctive and pleasing hand-set typeface
  • The important catechism Principles of Communism, drafted by Engels in 1847 as a basis for the Manifesto
  • The Communist Manifesto After 150 Years;, a far-reaching interpretive essay by Ellen Meiksins Wood, editor of Monthly Review

The result illuminates both the historical setting of The Communist Manifesto and the contemporary relevance of its ideas.

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Publication Date: December 1998

Number of Pages: 209

Paperback ISBN: 9780853459361