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Monthly Review Volume 39, Number 4 (September 1987) [PDF]


Contents of Volume 39, Number 4

  • Notes from the Editors
  • Review of the Month: The Growing Divide: Class Polarization in the 1980s by Jerry Kloby
  • Afghanistan: A Voice from Moscow by Interview with Dr. Nodari Simoniya by Lawrence Lifschultz
  • Ideology, Theory, and Revolution: Lessons from the Mau Mau of Kenya by Al-Amin Mazrui
  • The Chinese Student Demonstrations by Richard Levy
  • Octopus of the Airwaves by Joseph Skinner
  • Correspondence: On Local Elections and Government in Latin America and the Caribbean by Matthew Edel
  • Books:
    • Feminism Is Global by Val Moghadam
    • Fighting the Good Fight… and Winning Sometimes by Craig Charney

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