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Monthly Review Volume 57, Number 1 (May 2005) [PDF]


Contents of Volume 57, Number 1

  • Notes from the Editors
  • Review of the Month: Albert Einstein, Radical: A Political Profile by John J. Simon
  • Drawing: Albert Einstein by Alexander Dobkin
  • Dialectical Nature: Reflections in Honor of the Twentieth Anniversary of Levins and Lewontin’s The Dialectical Biologist by Brett Clark & Richard York
  • Labor Imperialism Redux?: The AFL-CIO’s Foreign Policy Since 1995 by Kim Scipes
  • Dressing the Wound: Organizing Informal Sector Workers by Fatma Ülkü Selçuk
  • Guantánamo and the New Legal Order by Jean-Claude Paye
  • Correspondence: Empire: American as Apple Pie by A. Kent MacDougall
  • Report from Venezuela: Aluminum Workers Choose Their Managers and Increase Production by Marta Harnecker

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