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Socialist Register 2008: Global Flashpoints


Paperback, 296 pages
ISBN-13: 978-158367-1672
Released: November 2007
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Since 1964, The Socialist Register has brought together leading writers on the left to investigate aspects of a common theme. Global Flashpoints: Reactions to Imperialism and Neoliberalism examines the distinguishing features of neoliberalism today as well as the prospects for the left in the Islamic world, in Latin America, and in the capitalist North.


  1. Aijaz Ahmad — Modern Islam in Historical Perspective: The Fall of Three Empires
  2. Gilbert Achcar — Religion and Politics Today from a Marxian Perspective
  3. Asef Bayat — Islamism and Empire
  4. Sabbah Alnasseri — Understanding Iraq
  5. Bashir Abu-Manneh — The Transformation of the Palestinian Resistance
  6. Yildiz Atasoy — The Islamic Ethic and the Spirit of Turkish Capitalism
  7. Hidayat Greenfield — Kalya’s Kalashnikov: Islamic Radicalism in East Asia
  8. Ana Esther Cecena — New Forms of Resistance in Latin America.
  9. Margarita Lopez Maya — Venezuelan Revolution? Participatory Democracy under Chavez
  10. Jack Hammond — A Leftist Resurgence in Latin America?
  11. William Robinson —Transformative Possibilities in Latin America
  12. Wes Enzinna — All We Want is the Earth: Bolivia’s ‘Agrarian Revolution’
  13. Joao Pedro Stedile & Atilio Boron — The Landless Movement and Brazilian Politics Today
  14. Richard Roman & Edur Velasco Arregui — The Oaxaca Uprising: Implications for Mexico
  15. G.M. Tamas — Fifty Years Later: The Hungarian Revolt of 2006
  16. Raghu Krishnan & Adrien Thomas — Resistance to Neoliberalism in France
  17. Peter Burnham — The Blair Decade: New Labour and Beyond
  18. Kim Moody — Harvest of Empire: The U.S. Immigrant Workers’ Struggle
  19. Alfredo Saad Filho, Elmar Altvater & Greg Albo —Understanding Neoliberalism: A Symposium

Leo Panitch is professor of political science at York University in Toronto and author of Renewing Socialism: Democracy, Strategy, and Imagination. Colin Leys is emeritus professor at Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, and author of Market-Driven Politics.

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Publication Date: March 2008

Number of Pages: 296

Paperback ISBN: 9781583671672