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Socialist Register 2021: Beyond Digital Capitalism: New Ways of Living


Forthcoming in December 2020

Every year since 1964, the Socialist Register has offered a fascinating survey of movements and ideas from the independent new left. This year’s edition asks readers to explore just how we need to live with new technologies. Essays in this 57th Socialist Register reveal the contradictions and dislocations of technological change in the twenty-first century. And they explore alternative ways of living: from artificial intelligence (AI) to the arts, from transportation to fashion, from environmental science to economic planning.


  • Greg Albo: Post-capitalism: Alternatives or detours?
  • Nicole Aschoff and Pankaj Mahta: AI-deology: Science, capitalism and the dream of a ‘people’s AI’
  • Hugo Radice: There is nothing artificial about AI: Labour, class, utopia, socialism
  • Larry Lohman: Interpretation machines: Contradictions of digital mechanization in twenty-first century capitalism
  • Robin Hahne: Democratic socialist planning: Against, with and beyond the new technologies
  • Tanner Mirrlees: Platform socialists in the age of digital capitalism
  • Derek Hrynyshyn: Imagining information socialism
  • Bryan Palmer: Capitalism and the clock: Time’s meaning in the struggle for socialism
  • Sean Sweeney and John Treat: Shifting gears: Labour strategies for low-carbon public transit mobility
  • Adam Greenfield: Smart cities, technological traps, democratic possibilities
  • Christoph Hermann: The consequences of commodification: Contours of a post-capitalist society
  • Joan Sangster: The surveillance of service labour: Conditions and possibilities of resistance
  • Jeronimo Montego Bressan: Beyond neoliberal fashion: Imagining clothing production as a human need
  • Massimiliano Mollona: Art/Commons: Art collectives and the post-capitalist imagination
  • Ingar Solty: The world of tomorrow: Scenarios for our future between demise and hope

The Socialist Register has been the intellectual lodestar for the international left since 1964.

—Mike Davis

I know the Register very well and have found it extremely stimulating, often invaluable.

—Noam Chomsky

Leo Panitch and Greg Albo are professors in the Department of Political Science at York University, Toronto.

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Publication Date: December 2020

Number of Pages: 320

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-58367-883-1

eBook ISBN: 978-1-58367-884-8

Socialist Register 2021: Beyond Digital Capitalism: New Ways of Living $29.00
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