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Workbook of an Unsuccessful Architect


“As a socialist, Mr. Stone explains in terms that architects can understand and with examples which architects know from their own experiences, what it is to be dedicated to the Left in a world dedicated to the Right, to the Centre or to the self. He explains how producers of raw materials and products are able to influence public action in their interests rather than that of the community in the name of progress, renewal, slum clearance, and the American way-of-life… His drawings are a joy. It is clear that Mr. Stone is unsuccessful not in his terms but in ours because he has refused to be a corporate spear-carrier.” —The Canadian Architect

Harris Stone (1934-1995) was professor of architecture at the School of Architecture and Urban Design, University of Kansas, and coordinator of the school’s programs of architectural studies in Italy. He is the author of four Monthly Review Press books, each hand-lettered and illustrated: Workbook of an Unsuccessful Architect, Monuments and Main Streets, Hands-On, Hands-Off: Experiencing History Through Architecture, and Dispersed City of the Plains.

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Topics: Literature Philosophy Places: Global

Publication Date: January 1973

Number of Pages: 192

Paperback ISBN: 9780853453321