Friday September 4th, 2015, 6:27 am (EDT)

Eric Chester Thomas

Rag-Tags, Scum, Riff-Raff, and Commies

Rag-Tags, Scum, Riff-Raff, and Commies

The U.S. Intervention in the Dominican Republic, 1965-1966

In April 1965, a popular rebellion in the Dominican Republic toppled the remnants of the U.S. backed Trujillo dictatorship thus setting the stage for the master tinkers of America’s Cold War machine. In this groundbreaking study, Eric Thomas Chester carefully reconstructs the events that followed into a thriller of historical sweep. The result is a stunning portrait of how President Lyndon Johnson used the C.I.A., the Pentagon, and the State Department to suppress the rebellion and, ultimately, orchestrate events surrounding the national election to insure an outcome favorable to U.S. interests.… | more |