Sunday August 30th, 2015, 11:55 am (EDT)

Hans Koning

The Conquest of America

The Conquest of America

How the Indian Nations Lost Their Continent

This sequel to the author’s best-selling Columbus: His Enterprise provides, in ten short chapters, a brilliant account of the ongoing war waged by Europeans against the native peoples of the Americas in the five centuries after Columbus arrived. Ranging from the Spanish conquest to the colonization of North America, from the seizure of land from the native inhabitants to present-day military interventions, Koning’s provocative and readable history provides students with a different perspective on U.S. history and a framework for understanding U.S. policy toward indigenous and foreign peoples. … | more |

"I think your book on Christopher Columbus is important. I'm more grateful for that book than any other book I have read in the last couple of years."
—Kurt Vonnegut

Columbus: His Enterprise

Exploding the Myth

Most of us have been taught to think of Christopher Columbus as a single-minded, courageous visionary whose navigational skills led him to “discover” the Americas. In this beautifully written revisionist biography, accessible to people of all ages, Hans Koning gives us the true history of Columbus’ life and voyages.… | more |