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Nikolai Bukharin

"The scope of this work alone earns it a place alongside that other great Marxist work written in political incarceration, Antonio Gramsciʼs Prison Notebooks."—Radical Philosophy

Philosophical Arabesques

Cloth, 448 pages ISBN: 1-58367-102-1 Released: June 2005 Bukharin’s Philosophical Arabesques was written while he was imprisoned in the Lubyanka Prison in Moscow, facing a trial on charges of treason and the likelihood of execution. After the death of Lenin, Bukharin co-operated with Stalin for a time. Once Stalin’s supremacy was assured he began eliminating […]… | more |

Imperialism and World Economy

Imperialism and World Economy

Bukharin’s 1929 anticipation of the growth of the internationalization of capital.… | more |

The Economic Theory of the Leisure Class

Economic Theory of the Leisure Class

Bukharin completed this work in 1914; it represented an attempt to grapple with the Austrian School of political economy, as represented chiefly by Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk. Bukharin interprets the school as reflecting the social position of the rentier stratum of the capitalist class, which tends to view the economy from the point of view of consumption rather than production. His discussion, while it does not deal with the many changes and refinements of neoclassical economics, does contrast, in polemical form, Marxism with the fundamental premises of modern academic economics.… | more |