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John Bellamy Foster in NYC, Oct. 20

The Endless Crisis

Join John Bellamy Foster, editor of Monthly Review and MR Press author, for a discussion of his new book The Endless Crisis: How Monopoly-Finance Capital Produces Stagnation and Upheaval from the USA to China (co-authored by Robert W. McChesney)

2:30 pm, Saturday, October 20

NYU Silver Center, Room 208

31 Washington Place

(East of Washington Square Park)

New York University, NYC

co-sponsored by Bertell Ollman / NYU Dept of Politics and the Brecht Forum

free and open to the public; some form of ID required

Some praise for The Endless Crisis:

“This valuable inquiry should be carefully studied and pondered, and should be taken as an incentive to action.”—Noam Chomsky

“In the distinguished tradition of Paul Baran and Paul Sweezy, Foster and McChesney here combine grim analysis with bleak prognosis, reminding us that monopoly power disappeared from the textbooks but not from real life.”—James K. Galbraith

“A compelling discussion of the central economic reality of our time: that the Wall Street collapse and Great Recession of 2007-09 was a human calamity whose effects are ongoing.”—Robert Pollin

John Bellamy Foster is editor of Monthly Review. He is professor of sociology at the University of Oregon and author of The Great Financial Crisis (with Fred Magdoff), The Ecological Rift and Critique of Intelligent Design (both with Brett Clark and Richard York), The Ecological Revolution, Ecology Against CapitalismMarx’s Ecology, and The Vulnerable Planet.

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