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Prophets of the ‘Permanent War Economy’

The Review of the Month entitled “The U.S. Imperial Triangle and Military Spending” by John Bellamy Foster, Hannah Holleman, and Robert W. McChesney (Monthly Review 60, no. 5 [October 2008]) carries on a valuable MR tradition. Monthly Review is one of the few voices on the left that has emphasized the necessity, from the point of view of capitalism, of this kind of military Keynesianism. Chalmers Johnson and Seymour Melman, who have written extensively on this issue, have tended to argue that other forms of government spending, a renewed New Deal, is possible. | more…

Karl Marx's Theory of Revolution, Vol. V: War and Revolution

Karl Marx’s Theory of Revolution, Vol. V: War and Revolution

This fifth volume in Hal Draper’s magnificently lucid account of Marx’s politics is just as enlightening, tough-minded, and encyclopedic as the volumes that preceded it. Draper—whose posthumous drafts for this volume have been ably polished and completed by his long-time collaborator Ernie Haberkern—was one of the greatest Marx scholars ever. Do you want to know what Marx really said and thought about war and revolution, after 150 years of partisan mudslinging and misreading? Draper knows—and in this volume he shares his knowledge with consummate precision, unfailing insight, and no-nonsense good cheer. | more…

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