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“A little Trot”: Socialist Review looks at Helena Sheehan’s “Navigating the Zeitgeist”


Navigating the Zeitgeist: A Story of the Cold War, the New Left, Irish Republicanism, and International Communism
308 pp, $25 pbk, ISBN 978-1-58367-727-8
By Helena Sheehan

Reviewed by John Newsinger

“One important point to make about Helena Sheehan’s political odyssey — from a conservative Catholic upbringing through the radicalism of the US left in the 1960s and early 70s, on to Official Sinn Fein and the Communist Party of Ireland, and then into the Irish Labour Party — is that it demonstrates with crystal clarity the importance of the theory of state capitalism for revolutionary politics….”

Read the review at Socialist Review (September 2019 #449)

Navigating the Zeitgeist

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