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“Better than any author, Sheehan captures the profound disillusion of Syriza activists”: The American Hellenic Institute Fdn Policy Journal on The Syriza Wave


The Syriza Wave: Surging and Crashing with the Greek Left
248 pp, $26 pbk, ISBN 9781583676257
By Helena Sheehan

Reviewed by Dan Georgakas for The AHIF Policy Journal, vol. 8, Spring 2018

“Helena Sheehan’s Syriza Wave moves from artistic culture to the mass culture that created and then abandoned (or was abandoned by) Syriza. The author, an Irish journalist and political activist who visits Greece frequently, offers a unique view of the Syriza phenomenon. The first of her six essays was written in 2012 and the last in 2016. Since the essays have not been revised, they convey the euphoria and heartbreak of the movement as they were occurring….”

Read the AHIF review, one among four reviews of writing and film in an essay by Dan Georgakas, titled “The Greek Cultural Crisis”

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