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“Not Passing a Clean Dream Act Would Hurt Taxpayers”: David L. Wilson, via Truthout

David L. Wilson, author, with Jane Guskin, of The Politics of Immigration: Questions and Answers (2nd ed.), reports on some looming prospects for DACA recipients, and how…

Deporting the 2 million potential Dream Act beneficiaries might cost taxpayers as much as $54.2 billion — more than double the CBO’s projected deficit of $25.9 billion

“…Immigrant rights activists are demanding that Congress safeguard DACA recipients by finally passing some version of the Dream Act, legislation first proposed in 2001 that would provide legal status for about 2 million immigrants who arrived in the United States as minors. The Republican leadership in Congress, on the other hand, insists that to get any relief for DACA recipients, Democratic legislators must agree to increases in immigration enforcement and a tightening of restrictions on authorized immigration….”

Read David’s article at Truthout

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