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“Facing the Anthropocene,” in one’s hometown


Facing the Anthropocene: Fossil Capitalism and the Crisis of the Earth System
280 pages / $19.00 / 9781583676110
By Ian Angus

Article by Hilary Thomson

Ian Angus recently had his work covered by the local paper – that is, in the town in which he grew up.  The Ontario newspaper relayed, “Ian was inspired to write the book because of all the misinformation he was seeing in the media about the Anthropocene and how this new era was affecting the planet. ‘It’s not a simple topic, but what I was trying to do, was take the science and make it accessible to lay readers,’ he says…. He is currently working on another book focusing on the underlying drivers that cause human society to conflict with nature and create rifts in the metabolic cycles of the planet.”

For the rest, you can go to The North Grenville Times

Commentary, Monthly Review Press
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