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Patnaik on Neoliberalism to Neofascism (Listen: Alternative Radio)

Prabhat Patnaik

Prabhat Patnaik

Capital and Imperialism: Theory, History, and the Present
424 pp, 27$ paper, ISBN 978-1-58367-890-9
By Utsa Patnaik and Prabhat Patnaik

Interviewed by David Barsamian

Well in advance of its release from Monthly Review Press, David Barsamian’s Alternative Radio featured Capital and Imperialism: Theory, History, and the Present, coauthored by Utsa Patnaik and her husband, the internationally renowned economist Prabhat Patnaik. The most fundamental conclusion they came to? “Fascism of the classic variety is associated with Germany, Italy and Japan. It ends at the conclusion of World War II. But….from Modi’s India to Erdogan’s Turkey neofascist autocratic regimes have taken hold. There is a direct connection from the failed economic policies of what is called neoliberalism to neofascism. Neoliberalism was given a huge boost in the 1980s by Reagan and Thatcher. Its characteristics are deregulation, cutting government spending, shredding the social safety net, privatization and tax cuts for the rich. The result: widespread immiseration and discontent. In its wake, demagogues exploit the situation. They are coming to power by scapegoating, instigating violence against minorities, coupled with loud calls for ‘getting our country back,’ and lots of flag waving.”

To download the episode or transcript, go to “From Neoliberalism to Neofascism” on the Alternative Radio website

Capital and Imperialism


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