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“Good ancestors” must be red and green: a colorful review of A Redder Shade of Green by Green Left Weekly


A Redder Shade of Green: Intersections of Science and Socialism
204 pp, $22 pbk, ISBN 9781583676448
By Ian Angus

Reviewed by Simon Butler

“Two decades ago, barely anyone called themselves an ecosocialist. Yet today the term is widespread on the left. ¶ This comes from an awareness that any viable alternative to capitalism must do away with the current destructive relationship between human society and the wider natural world. It also stems from a recognition that too many socialists in the 20th century failed to take environmental issues seriously. ¶ Climate and Capitalism editor and ecosocialist activist Ian Angus’s latest book, A Redder Shade of Green, is an impressive contribution to this vibrant trend in radical politics….”

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A Redder Shade of Green : Intersections of Science and Socialism

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