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How capitalism interlocks with imperialism: Counterfire reviews Intan Suwandi’s “Value Chains”

cannibalism in autumn - s. dali

Value Chains: The New Economic Imperialism
216 pp, $23 pbk, ISBN 978-1-58367-781-0
By Intan Suwandi

Reviewed by Dominic Alexander

“Capitalism has always been international in nature. Even reaching back to its earliest embryonic form, in the concentrations of industry and merchant capital in Renaissance Italy, capital depended upon a European-wide trading market. The system’s true emergence came in the context of the European conquest of the Americas, its trading outposts in Asia, and the establishment of the Atlantic slave trade. An international hierarchy enabled by atrocity, war and plunder has always been central to the functioning of capitalism….”

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Value Chains: The New Economic Imperialism by Intan Suwandi

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