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Law & Disorder radio: from Michael Tigar & the decline of democracy to the Chicago 7 at Caroline’s Comedy Club


Heidi Boghosian and Michael Steven Smith, hosts of Law and Disorder radio, talk to constitutional attorney Michael Tigar, who began his career as a legal wunderkind, arguing his first case before the Supreme Court at 24. Tigar is now professor emeritus at the Washington College of Law and author of several books, including Mythologies of State and Monopoly Power. Next year Monthly Review Press will publish Tigar’s memoir, Sensing Injustice: A Lawyer’s Life in the Battle for Change. But for now, he discusses, with Smith and Boghosian, the bipartisan decline of democracy and rule of law, Amy Coney Barrett, the presidential election… If you hang on toward the end, you’ll hear an old recording, in the wake of the newly released The Trial of the Chicago 7, of William Kunstler, a lead attorney for the seven, performing a routine about the trial at Caroline’s Comedy Club…

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Mythologies of State and Monopoly Power

Monthly Review Press
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