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Gerald Horne on The Critical Hour: US Jails Privatizing Inmate Health Care See (Even) Higher Death Rates


For months now, we’ve read news stories of how people inside prisons are “sitting ducks” for COVID-19. In fact, incarcerated people across the country are dying at increasing rates in detention facilities where masks are often nonexistent and social distancing impossible. Although most of these prisons are government-run, around 10% are owned privately by corporations, which intensively put profits before the humanity it cages. Dr. Gerald Horne, author, most recently, of The Dawning of the Apocalypse joins hosts Wilmer Leon and Garland Nixon on Radio Sputnuk’s The Critical Hour to discuss a Reuters article reporting that “jails with health care overseen by private companies incur higher death rates on average than those with care handled by government agencies….”

Listen, below, or at The Critical Hour

Listen to “US Jails That Privatize Inmate Health Care See Higher Death Rates” on Spreaker.

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