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Left Voice reviews Rob Wallace’s “Dead Epidemiologists” + This Is Hell interviews Rob Wallace


Dead Epidemiologists: On the Origins of COVID-19
260 pp, $17 pbk, ISBN 978-1-58367-902-9
By Rob Wallace

Reviewed by John Reimann

“In Rob Wallace’s most recent book, he reviews what is known about the development of the virus that causes Covid-19 in the context of industrial farming combined with habitat destruction. Inherent in his critique is a condemnation of capitalist agricultural methods, some thoughts on alternatives, and what forces in rural society are doing to create these alternatives. His book is a must-read for anybody who wishes to truly understand Covid-19….”

Read the review at Left Voice

AND listen to Rob Wallace talking recently with Chuck Mertz on This Is Hell, “The outbreak is a mirror: On COVID-19 in a failing state”

Dead Epidemiologists: On the Origins of COVID-19 by Rob Wallace

Monthly Review Press
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