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“Marxists are best placed to write an autobiography”: Helena Sheehan explains why “Navigating the Zeitgeist” is more than a memoir


Navigating the Zeitgeist: A Story of the Cold War, the New Left, Irish Republicanism, and International Communism
308 pp, $25 pbk, ISBN 978-1-58367-727-8
By Helena Sheehen

“Why write an autobiography? Who do I think I am? Why should anybody be more interested in my life than anyone else’s life? … ¶ Many autobiographies are written by celebrities. I’m not a celebrity. I haven’t starred in Oscar-winning movies getting reviews of mesmerising performances…. ¶ I’ve lived a life that was not headline-making, but not totally obscure either, as an activist, academic and author…”

Read the article in The Irish Times

Navigating the Zeitgeist

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