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New additions to MR Press Classics series

MR Classics

MR Classics

We’ve added six new titles to the MR Press Classics series:

From Rousseau to Lenin: Studies in Ideology and Society by Lucio Colletti

Let Me Speak! Testimony of Domitila, A Woman of the Bolivian Mines by Domitila Barrios de Chungara (with Moema Viezzer)

Three Essays on Marxism: Leading Principles of Marxism, Introduction to Capital, Why I Am a Marxist by Karl Korsch, Introduction by Paul Breines

Notes on the Puerto Rican Revolution: An Essay on American Dominance and Caribbean Resistance by Gordon K. Lewis

Economic Theory of the Leisure Class by Nikolai Bukharin, Introduction by Donald Harris

The Formation of the Economic Thought of Karl Marx by Ernest Mandel

To see all the new or updated books, visit here; or to browse the entire MR Press Classics series here!

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