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Registering Class reviewed in The Spokesman

Registering Class: Socialist Register 2014 edited by Leo Panitch, Greg Albo, and Vivek Chibber

Walmart’s World?

Leo Panitch, Greg Albo and Vivek Chibber, Registering Class: Socialist Register 2014, Merlin Press, 2013, 352 pages, paperback ISBN 9780850366433, £16.95

The Socialist Register 2014 is the 50th edition of the journal which was founded by Ralph Miliband and John Saville in 1964 to advance socialist analysis and discussion. It was an offshoot of the New Left, but reflected a different approach from that of the New Left Review editors, Perry Anderson and Tom Nairn. Over the years, it has produced a rich collection of contributions on socialist ideas.

The 2014 number focuses on the issue of class and argues that the power to achieve socialist change is dependent on the possibility of mobilising the working classes against current austerity policies, which are supported by the upper social echelons of our society. It examines in detail the restructuring of the capitalist class across the world and indicates that this will be continued in the 2015 volume, with the aim of showing what the working classes are up against. It discusses whether or not there is now a transnational capitalist class reflecting the development of multinational companies…

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