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Rx for socialists battling pessimism: Marx & Philosophy reviews “Can the Working Class Change the World?”


Can the Working Class Change the World?
218 pp, $19 pbk, ISBN 978-1-58367-710-0
By Michael D. Yates

Reviewed by Lucia Morgans

“Those who have watched with amazement and dismay as the power of capital has been ever-more violently consolidated over the last forty years may very well be asking themselves the same question as Yates poses in the title of his latest book: Can the Working Class Change the World? In just under 200 clearly written pages, this book provides a powerful and timely medicine for all socialists battling pessimism. Furnishing the Marxian critique of capitalism with contemporary examples drawn from not only the US experience, but the global condition and struggles of the working-class, Yates provides a compelling argument for why the answer is affirmative. Not only can the working class change the world; it must–‘there really is no choice’ (183). This book puts paid to any suggestion that such sentiments are utopian….”

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Can the Working Class Change the World?

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