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The 15-year rising: Truthout reviews Fred Wilcox’s “Shamrocks and Oil Slicks”


Shamrocks and Oil Slicks: A People’s Uprising Against Shell Oil in County Mayo, Ireland
170 pp, $22 pbk, ISBN 978-1-58367-846-6
By Fred A. Wilcox

Reviewed by Eve Ottenberg

“Fighting fossil fuel companies can be dangerous business. The people of County Mayo, Ireland, found that out when they rose up against Shell Oil in the early 2000s. The uprising lasted 15 years. Protesters were beaten and jailed. But they delayed the refinery’s opening by 10 years, cost Shell billions of dollars and caused the company a public relations nightmare, as a new book by Fred Wilcox, Shamrocks and Oil Slicks, recounts….”

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Copyright, Reprinted with permission

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