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When Solidarity Mattered: CounterPunch considers “Radical Seattle: The General Strike of 1919”


Radical Seattle: The General Strike of 1919
280 pp, $26 pbk, ISBN 978-1-58367-852-7
By Cal Winslow

Reviewed by Paul Buhle

“This is a special book, bearing an almost sacred topic for all those interested in the history of the American labor and the Left. The vibrant, pre-1920 Socialist Party, waxing strong and confident until struck down for its resistance to the US entry into the First World War, stood for a larger and more diverse radicalism. including Wobblies, quasi-wobblies. labor and cultural radicals of no certain description and of several generations. They had in common the sense that dramatic change in society was possible, perhaps inevitable. Despite the repression that grew rapidly with war mobilization—unionization also spread with the shortage of labor—the sensibility flourished and the general strike in Seattle was arguably its strongest point. Now that piquant moment has found its historian.”

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Radical Seattle: The General Strike of 1919

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