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Upcoming Events with Steve Early

Steve Early, author of Embedded With Organized Labor: Journalistic Reflections on the Class War at Home, contributor to Wisconsin Uprising, and author of The Civil Wars in U.S. Labor (from Haymarket Books), will be speaking at the following events.

2012 Book Events

July 9-13: Global Labor Institute, International Summer School, Northern College, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, UK. For more program information, see

July 17: 7:00 PM (Free) ILWU Local 34 -801 2nd St. next to the AT&T Ball Park, San Francisco. “Journalists, Journalism, Labor and New Media.” Thousands of professional journalists have faced layoffs throughout the United States. At the same time there are only a handful of labor journalists left at major daily papers in the United Sates. Journalists are being pressured to work for free as bloggers and the campaign against Ariana Huffington and Huff Post was an example of a political campaign to highlight the plight of journalists in the new media. At the same time, labor does not even have a labor radio or TV channel that could broadcast 24 hours a day from the picket line, and the life and death struggles that working people are facing. This panel will also look at the attacks on journalists by corporate America, the censoring of labor stories and the transformation of the newspaper and news industry by the Internet. What does this mean for the future of professional journalists and the relationship of organized labor to the defense of journalists and journalism? Speakers: Frank Emspak, Founder of Workers Independent News (WIN), Madison, Wisconsin; Bill Snyder, Vice Chair, Pacific Media Workers Guild Freelancers Unit, CWA 39521; Steve Early, Labor Journalist; Dick Meister, Labor journalist formerly with SF Chronicle & KQED Newsroom; Peter Byrne, Investigative Journalist, member Pacific Media Workers Guild Freelancers Unit; Sponsored by Labor Video Project.

July 22: 5th Annual LaborFest, Book Fair & Poetry Reading. 4 pm to 5:30 pm (1st floor Theater). Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts

2868 Mission St., at 25th St, San Francisco. Steve Early discusses “Wisconsin Uprising: Labor Fights 2012.” This collection of articles by a wide variety of labor journalists, reporters and activists looks at the lessons of the mass movement in Wisconsin, its strengths and weaknesses, and where labor needs to go today. In the Bay Area, ILWU Local 10 closed down the port on April 4, 2012 in solidarity with Wisconsin workers and thousands of other workers joined protests. The efforts of Governor Scott Walker and the Republicans to destroy organized labor led to one of the biggest working class mobilizations since the 1940’s yet it has turned into an electoral effort to replace Scott Walker.

August 1: World Fellowship Center, 368 Drake Hill Rd., Albany, N.H. Book-related talk on “Lessons for Labor From Wisconsin Uprising and Occupy Wall Street.” For schedule details, see

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