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Watch: Andy Merrifield on Joyce, Marx, Lefebvre (The Marxist Education Project)


Said Andy Merrifield, author of Marx, Dead and Alive, during a program on James Joyce, Marx, and Henri Lefebvre with the Marxist Education Project: “Capital circulated through Marx the same way the Liffey circulated through Joyce-‘a commodius vicus of recirculation.’ Each book is a ‘hyper-text,’ a big, intricately entangled, introverted yet expansive text, historical yet somehow universal, exuberant and imaginative and at times colossally difficult to understand. Joyce said his principal character H. C. Earwicker was a ‘fargazer,’ whose ‘patternmind’ dreamed the vastest dream, whose sigla HCE meant ‘Here Comes Everybody.’ Capital was Marx’s dreaming fargazing, his Here Comes Everybody, a condition, he thought, where all countries were headed, his image of everybody’s future.”

A very sad note: Michael Lardner, a longtime key member of The Marxist Education Project (MEP) produced this event with Andy Merrifield. We are sorry to inform you that Michael Lardner died very recently, of a short illness.

You can also watch Joyce, Marx, Lefebvre with Andy Merrifield at The MEP.

Marx, Dead and Alive: Reading "Capital" in Precarious Times

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