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WATCH: Helena Sheehan, Colin Bundy, and Costas Isychos, with Amandla!

Until We Fall: Long Distance Life on the Left
by Helena Sheehan
28$ / 978-1-68590-027-4 / 360 pages

In Until We Fall, we come along on Sheehan’s travels as she tracks the fallout from the transition from flawed forms of socialism to a particularly predatory form of capitalism. As a sequel to Navigating the Zeitgeist — which captured 1950s cold-war America, the 1960s new left, the 1970s social movements and communist parties of Europe — Until We Fall takes us through Eastern Europe from the 1980s onward and moves on to offer vivid accounts of encounters with fellow socialists in many other places, such as Britain, Greece, and Mexico. It includes an entire chapter on South Africa, where Sheehan participated in its political and intellectual life for extended intervals of the post-apartheid period. And it offers her unique take on her birthplace, the United States, along with the unfolding realities confronting her chosen home, Ireland. She also reveals major changes in the culture of academe in the decades she has taught in universities.

Recently, Amandla! Media hosted Sheehan for a discussion with Colin Bundy and Costas Isychos. Click on the image below to watch.

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