Monday August 31st, 2015, 4:50 am (EDT)

Laurence Roudart

"An analysis with a majestic sweep … may be the single most instructive book I have ever read about the organization and complexity of agricultural production systems."—Journal of Agricultural & Environmental Ethics

A History of World Agriculture

From the Neolithic Age to the Current Crisis

Only once we understand the long history of human efforts to draw sustenance from the land can we grasp the nature of the crisis that faces humankind today, as hundreds of millions of people are faced with famine or flight from the land. From Neolithic times through the earliest civilizations of the ancient near East, in savannahs, river valleys and the terraces created by the Incas in the Andean mountains, an increasing range of agricultural techniques have developed in response to very different conditions. These developments are recounted in this book, with detailed attention to the ways in which plants, animals, soil, climate, and society have interacted.… | more |