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From the hard right and the political parties of Capital, to the crisis of centrism (Marxist Education Project features ‘Socialist Register’ 2022)

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Last month a range of contributors to the Socialist Register 2022: New Polarizations, Old Contradictions, offered up their views on their recent articles in relation to the current moment. The 2022 edition of Socialist Register (no. 58) featured essays addressing capitalism’s current multi-dimensional crisis. The consensus around the neoliberal policy regime has been steadily splintering, with a phalanx of far right and neo-fascist groups inserting themselves into electoral politics and gaining prominence in the streets, not least in motley demonstrations against pandemic measures of any kind–from lockdowns to masking.

The first event featured:

  • Ingar Solty: Market Polarization Means Political Polarization
  • Bill Fletcher Jr.: Trump and the Danger of Right-wing Populism in the US
  • Samir Gandesha: Identity Crisis: The Politics of False Concreteness

The second featured:

  • Greg Albo: An Introduction to “The Crisis of Centrism,” Socialist Register
  • Simon Mohun: “Portrait of Neoliberalism: Rise of the One Percent”
  • Samir Sonti: “The Crisis of US Labor, Past and Present”

See below for two events moderated by Michael Lardner, of the Marxist Education Project, and introduced by Greg Albo, co-editor of the Socialist Register.

Watch below or at Leftstreamed

Watch below or at Leftstreamed


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