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Listen: Joe Emersberger on Alex Saab, “knight errant” (Coauthor of “Extraordinary Threat” interviewed by Gorilla Radio)


In a recent interview with Chris Cook on Gorilla Radio, coauthor of Extraordinary Threat, Joe Emersberger talked about the interrelations between two countries persevering in spite of U.S. sanctions – Venezuela and Iran. Cook asked Emersberger about his Zmag article, “Alex Saab, Afghanistan, and the limits of US power.” In pursuit of medical supplies, Saab “was in the service of besieged Venezuela, en route to Iran, another nation similarly blockaded by America, when he was intercepted by Cape Verde authorities and thrown into prison there. More than a year later, Alex Saab sits still in that prison awaiting the local judiciary’s decision on his appeal of its acquiescence to extradition requests by the United States.”

Get the full story at Gorilla Radio

Extraordinary Threat : The U.S. Empire, the Media, and Twenty Years of Coup Attempts in Venezuela

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