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Want to “make America great again?” Read John Marciano’s The American War in Vietnam: reviewed in The Veteran

The American War in Vietnam: Crime or Commemoration?

The American War in Vietnam: Crime or Commemoration?
198pp, $18 pbk, ISBN 9781583675854
By John Marciano

Reviewed by John Ketwig

“In the current environment of ‘embedded’ journalists, the truth about our wars is difficult to discern, but the history of the Vietnam War is well-documented and certainly provides evidence of the deadly, viciously destructive mind set of America’s political and military leadership since World War II. It is difficult for a high school student to accept that his or her country would tell boldface lies to lure them into enlisting and deploying to areas devastated by almost fifteen years of desperate war. As Vietnam veterans, we have tried to suggest the truth for decades. Now we have a compact, well-documented, and most informative little book we can suggest they read before enlisting. I can’t help but imagine a lot of heavy, fact-based conversations will result….”

Read the review at The Veteran: Vietnam Veterans Against the War

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