Sunday April 19th, 2015, 1:39 pm (EDT)

Leo Panitch

“The State in a Changing World”

Social-Democratizing Global Capitalism?

There are two central developments that define our era. One of these is the historic failure of the socialist project of the mass working-class parties, both Communist and Social Democratic. The other is, of course, what has commonly come to be known as the “globalization” of capitalism. These two developments are certainly related to one another, but they cannot be reduced to one another. Each also has its own specific dynamics which need to be analysed separately … | more |

Socialist Register 1998: Communist Manifesto Now

Socialist Register 1998: Communist Manifesto Now

Communist Manifesto Now

One hundred and fifty years have passed since Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, two young Germans in exile, wrote the Communist Manifesto.… | more |