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Monthly Review Volume 76, Number 3 (July-August 2024)

July-August 2024 (Volume 76, Number 3)

While Israel’s horrific assaults on the people of Gaza continue, the voices against the U.S. support for the Zionist state grow ever-louder. This spring, the fight spilled onto college campuses. In this month’s “Notes,” MR editors take the long view, starting with the Free Speech Movement over half a century ago. | more…

Map showing locations of select strategic U.S. military installations (indicated by stars) along the first and second island chains in the Indo-Pacific.

Imperialism in the Indo-Pacific—An Introduction

John Bellamy Foster and Brett Clark introduce this summer’s special issue on “Imperialism in the Indo-Pacific,” exploring how the super-region came to be conceptualized among geopolitical strategists and its present-day role in U.S military strategy. “The United States,” they write, “facing the demise of its global hegemonic imperialism, is not only preparing for a Third World War; it is actively provoking it.” | more…

Taiwan, the U.S. and China

Taiwan: An Anti-Imperialist Perspective

“In the Western imagination,” the Qiao Collective writes, “Taiwan exists as little more than a staging ground for ideological war with the People’s Republic of China.” However, this not only obscures the deep historical and cultural ties between Taiwan and the mainland, but functions as a justification for U.S. imperial intervention in the South China Sea. | more…

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Closeup of the Korean Demilitarized Zone that surrounds the Military Demarcation Line

The Korean Linchpin: The Korean Peninsula’s Enduring Centrality in U.S. Indo-Pacific Geostrategy

Tim Beal dives into the critical role that the Korean Peninsula plays in U.S. strategy for maintaining power in the Indo-Pacific. The United States, he concludes, has long used its position on the peninsula to advance U.S. interests in the Pacific theater, aiming its most recent efforts against the rise of China and Russia. | more…

Ceremony to lower a Japanese flag and raise a U.S. flag in Seoul on Sept. 9, 1945

Power Concedes Nothing Without a Demand: Peace in Korea and Northeast Asia Now!

This article will be released in full online July 26, 2023.

In this forcefully argued piece, Dae-Han Song presents an overview of the past few decades of U.S. policy on the Korean Peninsula and its continued refusal to engage meaningfully with any peace process between the artificially separated North and South. The article ends with a series of demands that look toward a future of peace on the peninsula. | more…

DPR/MPR building complex in Jakarta

When the Ruling-Class Parties Harden: Indonesia and Great Power Politics in the Indo-Pacific

This article will be released in full online August 5, 2023.

Iqra Angurah elucidates the strategic role in the Indo-Pacific in the context of the New Cold War and, in particular, the country’s close ties to the forces of multinational capital and Western imperialism. The alignment of the Global North and local elites underscores the need for a popular, socialist, and anti-imperialist movement among the Indonesian working class. | more…

Xie Zhenhua, Special Representative for Climate Change Affairs

Net-Zero and the China Challenge: Decarbonization amid Great Power Competition in the Indo-Pacific

This article will be released in full online August 12, 2023.

As the world hurtles toward planetary catastrophe, driven in large part by the unchecked burning of fossil fuels in the Global North, China has emerged as a leader in renewable energy. This dynamic, Julie de los Reyes and Jewellord Nem Singh contend, mirrors China’s ascendance in many sectors, revealing “the glaring failure of the liberal international order to address pressing social and environmental issues.” | more…

Monthly Review Volume 76, Number 2 (June 2024)

June 2024 (Volume 76, Number 2)

In this month’s “Notes from the Editors,” MR editors confront the Tower of Babel that has emerged over Marx’s early “Prometheanism” and later “degrowth communism.” This ahistorical interpretation has engendered further critique of ecosocialism and degrowth on the part of self-identified productivist writers, who attempt incorrectly to paint degrowth as a Malthusian project, rather than a realistic effort to live within Earth’s planetary capacities. | more…

The Melbourne incarnation of the Global Climate Strike

Ecosocialism and Degrowth

Originally published in the German journal Widerspruch, Arman Spéth interviews John Bellamy Foster about the growing interest in degrowth thought and the importance of incorporating democratic planning aimed at true equality into all levels of society. And what of the ecosocialist revolution? “Opportunities,” Foster says, “are everywhere. Obstacles, largely a product of the present system, are also everywhere.… Nothing can or will remain the same. That is the very definition of a revolutionary situation.” | more…

Monument to Karl Marx in front of the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow

Was Karl Marx a Degrowth Communist?

Brian M. Napoletano considers the implications of recent work by Kohei Saito, in which Saito argues that Marx’s thought progressed from early productivism to middle-stage ecosocialism, and finally to degrowth communism. Napoletano concludes, that in arguing for an artificially contrived “epistemological break” between Marx’s supposed early growth-oriented perspective and his later purported “degrowth communism,” Saito fails to recognize Marx’s actual consistent emphasis throughout his work on a dialectically conceived process of sustainable human development, requiring a true social and ecological revolution. | more…

Logo used by Parti Africain de l'Indépendance

The Actuality of Red Africa

What is “Red Africa”? Through an extended treatment of Kevin Ochieng Okoth’s Red Africa: Reclaiming Revolutionary Black Politics (Verso, 2023), Vijay Prashad and Mikaela Nhondo Erskog illuminate the potential for a reinvigorated socialist politics in Africa. In turning away from Afropessimism and Decolonial Studies, the authors catalog the on-the-ground realities at play in pan-African and Marxist social movements today. | more…

Entrance to El Maizal Commune

The Dream of a Thing: Refounding the Economy of a Venezuelan Commune

In a vividly drawn account of El Maizal Commune, Chris Gilbert provides readers with a window into the inner workings of a community being refounded with an eye toward building a new “alternative communal economy.” The task, Gilbert finds, is one that is not only revolutionary, but liberating and creative, having the potential to collectively reimagine the social relations of a community. | more…