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Demonstration against the EPR, Lyon, March 17, 2007, Place Bellecour

Democratic Planning for Degrowth

Degrowth promises to liberate society from the imperative of capital accumulation. “So how,” Matthas Schmelzer and Elena Hofferberth wonder, “might planning beyond growth look?” It is not, they write, only a proposal for a postcapitalist society, but for a radical transformation of our institutions and social relations to create a more sustainable and just world. | more…


Degrowth—What’s in a Name? Assessing Degrowth’s Political Implications

“Degrowth” may often be associated with the left, but can also have conservative—even ecofascist—implications. What do proponents and critics mean by “degrowth”? How do these differences play out ideologically? Ying Chen writes that, for radicals, the answer is to place the economic system at the center of the degrowth narrative, thus naming the system that must be replaced with a more just and equitable socialist society. | more…

RTÉ studio in Cork City

The Disinformation Wars: An Epistemological, Political, and Socio-Historical Interrogation

Helena Sheehan turns her incisive eye on the so-called anti-disinformation industry, and wondering whether the mainstream media is using a newfound interest in fact-checking, fake news, and disinformation studies to conceal deeper biases, ones that occlude the hidden ideologies deceiving much of the public. | more…

A New Global Geometry?: Socialist Register 2024

A New Global Geometry? Socialist Register 2024

In its 60th volume!

Scrutinizes possibilities for an equalised global order, in light of recent conflicts between the world’s major powers

The “post-Cold War era is definitively over,” asserted US President Joe Biden as he launched the new National Security Strategy, warning in late 2022 that “a competition is underway between the major powers to shape what comes next.” American leadership, the document declared, would be more necessary than ever to define “the future of the international order,” insisting that the US must marshal its unparalleled economic, military, and diplomatic resources to confront its rivals.

Socialist Register 2024: A New Global Geometry? takes stock of momentous changes

Thousands of shipping containers at the terminal at Port Elizabeth, New Jersey (2004)

Limits to Supply Chain Resilience: A Monopoly Capital Critique

Capital, Ben Selwyn writes, has been advancing its interests under the guise of protecting “global supply chain resilience.” While those promoting the resilience agenda assert that these supply chains represent a net benefit, evidence suggests that they increase the transfer of surplus value from the Global North and, especially, in the. South. | more…