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Closeup of the Korean Demilitarized Zone that surrounds the Military Demarcation Line

The Korean Linchpin: The Korean Peninsula’s Enduring Centrality in U.S. Indo-Pacific Geostrategy

This article will be released in full online July 22, 2023.

Tim Beal dives into the critical role that the Korean Peninsula plays in U.S. strategy for maintaining power in the Indo-Pacific. The United States, he concludes, has long used its position on the peninsula to advance U.S. interests in the Pacific theater, aiming its most recent efforts against the rise of China and Russia. | more…

Ceremony to lower a Japanese flag and raise a U.S. flag in Seoul on Sept. 9, 1945

Power Concedes Nothing Without a Demand: Peace in Korea and Northeast Asia Now!

This article will be released in full online July 27, 2023.

In this forcefully argued piece, Dae-Han Song presents an overview of the past few decades of U.S. policy on the Korean Peninsula and its continued refusal to engage meaningfully with any peace process between the artificially separated North and South. The article ends with a series of demands that look toward a future of peace on the peninsula. | more…